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Readers Respond: Ready to Cheer Now That the NHL Lockout is Over? Or Have You Tuned Out the NHL?

Responses: 10


The NHL lockout dragged on for months, leaving arenas dark and fans out in the cold. The NHL is back. But are you be back? Are you cheering your team as loud as ever? Or has the lockout turned you off from the NHL?

soooo dumb

This is where hockey fans need to be more loyal to each other. We were all stabbed in the back by the owners and players. They are gonna use us until we push back. We all need to go to the game, sing the national anthem, then walk to fuck out! You fuck with us....see how many people are gonna come support you next time. I just wish people wouldn't make it so easy for them to use and abuse us!
—Guest Kate

What the hell

I went from never watching the NHL to maybe the odd game. Now I'm up to all the Leaf games. I guess I'm a masochist. There is no hockey like the NHL. GO Leafs. It's about time to give something back to all your loyal fans. Go Leafs.
—Guest RoKo

Will they do it again?

This is the 3rd time in 18 years that the league has locked the players out. We've lost the equivalent of almost 2 full seasons. Will they do it again? In the words of the immortal Sarah Palin "You Betcha"


The NHL Owners and NHLPA have done it to me for the last time. Neither one of these two groups of a-holes give a damn about the fans at all. Most of us Ordinary Canadians cannot afford to go to any games as it is let alone now under this new "AGREEMENT" When athletes get paid more than the PM or the President of the USA or any ordinary Doctor there is something wrong with our society. None of us got paid when we didn't perform. Even watching them on TV you can see the 10 percent effort the Maple Buds put out on an average nite. All of the teams have players who take the night off when you pay the price to watch and cheer them on. And anyone who says I am not a Canadian can check out my Military Service. If they play for the Stanley Cup it would be a damn shame.
—Guest winmarmdd


I will continue to watch games on television until they become affordable - meaning, NEVER. The owners can take a running jump and leap straight into hell for all I care. These idiots only pay lip service to the fans. They don't really give a damn. Well, likewise. This is the worst run league of all time.
—Guest Eric


I'll be back but with less enthusiasm! Just don't do it again. Go WINGS!
—Guest Lulu

NHL boring

I find the NHL regular season boring. I'd much rather watch Jr. Hockey (WHL, OHL, CHL, Etc).
—Guest Oggie


Quit talking BS and please Drop The Puck! right now.
—Guest Papa


Ive been on a three year boycott of buying tickets for leafs now i will not watch games on tv either.
—Guest Adam

piss on nhl

Seeing as you are all over paid babies we've decided to boycott NHL and everything you are selling. You care more about yourselves and give no regard to your fan base and how they may feel after all their support.
—Guest stewie

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