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Readers Respond: How can the NHL end the 2012 lockout while being fair to everyone?

Responses: 29


The NHL and NHL Players' Association have failed to strike a deal, and the 2012-13 season is in jeopardy. If they put you in charge, how would you craft a compromise to ensure labor peace in the NHL?

Shut in down for 2012

The NHL should Cancel the 2012-2013 season, so that the networks that put this crap on TV could get on with planning schedules for 2012-2013.
—Guest John

No Way

Now that lawsuits and lawyers are involxed, there is no way there will be a season this year,. The lawyers will want to keep the lock out going so they can keep billing their clients. Maybe next year folks.
—Guest Papa

owners are the problem

Get rid of the owners the players are the lowest paid professionals in the pro arena
—Guest rick f

Being fair to fans??

Since when are the fans ever considered in their disclosed location meetings. They rely on the fact we'll still keep coming out and paying whatever they want so these babies can have everything.... Guaranteed contracts? Not even performance based, just guaranteed. Pension plan for these millionaires? That comes from us fans too. Scrap the unions, you should be thankful you're paid to play hockey, I work my ass off in the oilfield for money you spoiled brats wouldn't even get out of bed for, and I will not support this game again
—Guest Don't care Anymore

NHLPA are greedy people...

To all the hockey fan's out there. On Monday, go into work and tell the owners you work for, you need more $ because your owner is making too much, let me know how you make out. The NHLPA are making a great living doing what they love to do. Sidney Crosby probably makes 180,000 a week. The ave fan, it will take them three years to make that and we still pay $80.00 to $90.00 for a seat ,so owners can make their $ and players can make theirs. The greed needs to stop! I am with Betman and crew. Crosby get a real job at 60k a year and try to take your family to a game, let me know how your wallet feels? The NHLPA should of signed the deal on Thursday. Fed up and pissed off at the greed being displayed!
—Guest nhlpagreedypeople

Greedy players

I say the owners drop the union and players all together! Bring up the young kids and start playing! lAst season to me was one of my favs my Hawks lost but my 13 year old son started really watching gzmes with me! like really watching . getting excited knowing all the players names he hAd his cal marked for the first game but here we are now! How many Kids are these greedy players willing to loose! these are the ones they need the most cus much as us long time adult fans say we are done with hockey we all know we will still watch our teams... But these important gennaration of kids they will lose! I say droo the union and liberal bull crap they are pulling ..owners own players should be thankfull to have a job period This is america dammit! Droo the union and play bring up kids and currant players that want toplay the game they love and still make millions doing it!
—Guest miss the hawks

enough is enough

I've been a hockey fan my entire live. Where the deal had stood until it was taken back by the owners, should be split down the middle. Hockey is such a great sport and it is embarrassing as a fan that this is still lingering. Stop being spoiled and go to work like the rest of us. I can't go to my boss and tell him i want 50% or more of the profits. What a joke.
—Guest troubled

lockout solution

The big issue seems to revolve around the haves, and have nots. Some teams are highly profitable and some are not. Perhaps the NHL would benefit from adopting the league model currently in use by the English premier league. A 2-tier system with relegation/promotion (which would add additional excitement for fans of teams 'on the bubble') Teams which are regularly successfull rise to the top, while teams that struggle annually (both on the ice and financially) end up where they belong. Organizations are held accountable for their own success or failure, and either enjoy or suffer the consequences. Understandably, the successfull teams must not enjoy sharing the fruits of their labours with boneheads who decide to set up shop in unviable markets. Natural selection would weed out the pretenders (who are content to lose money and sponge off the league revenues), and allow new, potentially more profitable markets to emerge. It would also force rich teams to perform or face relegation...Leaf


Are you sick and tired of the NHL labor dispute? Then join the 1279 other fans who have vowed to strike if no agreement is reached by 12/12/12. Visit www.fanstrike.net & sign the petition!!
—Guest Fan Strike


If I thought any of them cared I wouldn't have to try and solve their issues. In this day and age i am barely able to make ends meet. I can't make those decisions for millionaires but I can say I will be going elsewhere soon for my sports entertainment. Step up and be men and get something done.
—Guest Jim

Goodbye NHL

IMHO the NHL has just shot themselves in the foot by screwing the two groups that bring them revenue; television and fans. The players couldn't care less cause they're all from Europe. They'll go home and play. The NHL are the idiots here. I look forward to seeing what happens when they come back and ask NBC for prime time again. After this lockout a lot of fans are not going to tolerate the insane prices of last year. It's going to take forever for the NHL to recover from this fiasco. Way to go.
—Guest Jeff


Pro sports will soon be only for the rich! Going to a pro sporting event will soon take a weeks pay. It is time to become realistic.
—Guest rdc

New League

Time to start a new league. I've been watching the KHL. Maybe they could expand to the U.S. and Canada.
—Guest RKB

Greed Gets In The Way

Only a handful of teams are profitable. Most are breaking even and a few are bleeding money. Contract 4 teams and have teams like the Maple Leafs - who take in roughly half of the profits - share the wealth. The owners set the table, but they are not a unified group. The players are in a very good position. As revenues increase the salary cap increases, & so do their salaries. Just because the revenue has increased doesn't give the players the right to take half of what their employers receive. he players don't have any losses, the owners do. The players don't have to pay for hotels or travel or meals, the owners do. I see nothing wrong with a rollback. If revenue increases, and it will, salaries will also increase. The players are being short-sighted and Fehr is hung up on his abolishment of the salary cap. This isn't baseball, and he needs to get that out of his system, as long as he hangs his hat on that, the lock-out will continue.
—Guest Evilas

Get on with the Season

I believe the best way to resolve this dispute is to extend the current CBA for one season and continue playing while further negotiations continue. This would give the owners and players more time to settle things and keep the game alive. I believe an extended lockout will cause NEW FANS OF THE GAME to look elsewhere for hockey (possible the AHL or College)
—Guest Tom Smoot Sr

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