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2012 World Junior Hockey Championship

World Junior Hockey Results


Here are complete results from the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship, which took place in Calgary and Edmonton, Canada.

For a full explanation of the tournament, its history, and its significance, see the World Junior Hockey Championship Explained and the World Junior Hockey All-Time Medal Standings.

Medal Round

Thursday, January 5
Gold Medal Game:
Sweden 1 - Russia 0 (OT)

Bronze Medal Game:
Canada 4 - Finland 0

Playoff Round

Monday, January 2
Relegation Game: Switzerland 4 - Denmark 3 (OT)
Quarter-final: Finland 8 - Slovakia 5
Quarter-final: Russia 2 - Czech Republic 1 (OT)

Tuesday, January 3
Semi-final: Sweden 3 - Finland 2 (SO)
Semi-final: Russia 6 - Canada 5
Relegation Game: USA 12 - Latvia 2

Wednesday, January 4
Relegation Game - Latvia 2 - Denmark 1 (OT)
Relegation Game - USA 2 - Switzerland 1
5th Place Game - Czech Republic vs. Slovakia 9:00 p.m. (Cal)

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Round-Robin Group Results

Monday, December 26
Canada 8 - Finland 1
Sweden 9 - Latvia 4
United States 11 - Denmark 3
Russia 3 - Switzerland 0

Tuesday, December 27
Czech Republic 7 - Denmark 0
Slovakia 3 - Latvia 1

Wednesday, December 28
Finland 4 - United States 1
Sweden 4 - Switzerland 3 (Shootout)
Canada 5 - Czech Republic 0
Russia 3 - Slovakia 1

Thursday, December 29
Canada 10 - Denmark 2
Russia 14 - Latvia 0

Friday, December 30
Czech Republic 5 - United States 2
Sweden 9 - Slovakia 1
Finland 10 - Denmark 1
Switzerland 5 - Latvia 3

Saturday, December 31
Finland 4 - Czech Republic 0
Switzerland 6 - Slovakia 4
Canada 3 - United States 2
Sweden 4 - Russia 3 (OT)

Round-Robin Groups for 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship

Group A
Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Latvia
Group B
Canada, USA, Finland, Czech Republic, Denmark

International Hockey versus NHL Hockey

International tournaments include a number of rules that differ from NHL rules, including no-touch icing, and automatic ejection from the game for fighting.

See more about the differences between international and NHL hockey.

Tournament Format

After a round-robin series in each group, the top three teams from each group advance to the Playoff Round. Fourth and fifth-place teams in each group move to the Relegation Round.

The first-place team in each group will qualify automatically for the Semi-Finals. Second and third-place teams will play a cross-over Quarterfinal game. The winner of each Quarterfinal moves onto the Semi-Finals, while the loser will play the 5th Place Game.

The winner of each Semi-Final game will move onto the Gold Medal Game, while the losers will play in the Bronze Medal Game.

Overtime Format

In round-robin games, a game tied at the end of regulation time will be followed by a 5-minute period of sudden-death overtime. Overtime will be played with four skaters against four. If the game isn't decided in overtime, it will be decided by a shootout.

In playoff and Bronze Medal games, a tie at the end of regulation time will be followed by a 10-minute period of sudden-death overtime, followed by a shootout if necessary.

In the Gold Medal Game, a tie at the end of regulation time will be followed by a 20-minute period of sudden-death overtime, followed by a shootout if necessary.

Shootout Format

Shootouts begin with three different shooters from each team, to be named before the shootout begins.

If the game remains tied after three shots by each team, the shootout will continue with one player from each team until a decisive goal is scored.

If the shootout extends beyond three shots by each team, any player can chosen to shoot any number of times. The same player can be used for every shot if the team so desires.

A player who was serving a penalty when the overtime period ended is ineligible for the shootout.

Goalies can be changed at any time.

Points System for Round-Robin Games

- 3 points for a win in regulation time.
- 2 points for a win in overtime or a shootout.
- 1 point for a loss in overtime or a shootout.
- 0 points for a loss in regulation time.

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