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Hockey Quotes: The End of the 2004-05 NHL Lockout

A sampling of hockey quotes from the NHL's brand new day.


"I don't think the deal that we're going to get would have been ratified last summer. But I just think we've been worn down to the point where at this stage the deal would really have to be incredibly bad for the guys not to vote it in. At least that's the sense I'm getting." - free agent goaltender Sean Burke. (TSN.ca)

"Who do you punish by not forgiving?" - Flyers' fan Jim Hilgen says he's ready to forgive both sides and return to the rink. (Philly.com)

"After a year, I got so much to say I can hardly wait to hear myself." - Hockey Night in Canada commentator Don Cherry (Canadian Press)

"It gets everyone's competitive juices going. We have to scout harder, go around the world five times (to find players). Maybe I have to add 25 scouts. ... We're confident we can do a good job. We've been here before and I think we're going to be OK." Red Wings' owner Mike Ilitch (Detroit News)

"You can't believe how excited I am because I missed it terribly. It's one of the greatest sports no one knows about." - Devils' fan Paul Brehne (NJ.com)

"This system will yield less parity, not more. Bank on it. It will yield a tiered league in which the most attractive 12-14 teams will attract free agents willing to take somewhat less money to fit under a cap in order to play in desired locations and for desired managements. Can't you just imagine the Oilers' recruitment campaign? Edmonton: When There's No Cap Space Anywhere Else." - Larry Brooks (New York Post)

"I think the biggest thing I learned is that I probably shouldn't use the word 'never' as much as I did. Ultimately we have a cap and guys like me said we never would have one, so maybe we're eating our words in some sense." - Scott Walker of the Nashville Predators (Tennessean.com)

"When the Flyers or somebody offer you a big wet one on the lips, turn your back and say one word: 'Lower.' Make the owners pay to get you back - because they just won, big-time." - Rich Hoffman (Philly.com)

"At the end of the 301-day lockout, it can accurately be said that many NHL owners wanted to destroy executive director Bob Goodenow and the militant wing of the NHL Players' Association. And they were (Calgary Herald)

I think what you'll see is an increased emphasis on pro scouting. If teams are going to have to get under a cap number, whatever that number is, I think they are going to have to be right more than they are wrong on trades... Drafting guys, with liberalized free agency, is not going to be as critical as being able to sign guys when they do become free agents. - Mighty Ducks' GM Brian Burke (TSN.ca)

"How does the new order help the team? If the Hurricanes lost $22 million in 2003-04 with a $34 million payroll, as they claim they did, even a payroll at the league minimum of about $21 million would leave them in the red." - Luke DeCock (NewsObserver.com)

"It's the worst of both worlds for the revenue challenged. In the old world, the Oilers could not match the spending of the big revenue teams and as a result, they lost their best players at age 31. In the new one, they can't match the spending of the big revenue teams and as a result, they will lose their best players at age 27. If they ever find another superstar they will lose him at age 25." - Tom Benjamin (Canucks' Corner Blog)

"Slash the ticket prices. Also, make sure to transport several busloads of new fans to each game, and give them a free night of hockey. I'm talking about people who never have watched live hockey before. Give them a cost-free look. At least some of them will come back and pay for seats next time." - Bernie Miklasz (STLtoday.com)

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