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Stanley Cup Playoff Guide

A Primer on the Stanley Cup Playoffs


Stanley Cup on Display

The Stanley Cup on Display.

Brad Barket/Getty Images
Updated September 17, 2012

2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Complete Results
Following The L.A. Kings on the road to their first Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup History
The complete list of champions, origins of the Cup, the longest playoff games ever, and much more.

Hockey Playoffs 101
Here's how the teams are ranked, seeded, and eliminated on the road to the Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup Photo Gallery
From center ice to Red Square, from Wayne Gretzky to Arnold Schwarzenegger, we follow the trail of the Stanley Cup in this collection of photos.

Who Gets Their Name on the Stanley Cup?
An NHL team uses an assortment of players over the course of a season. So when they win the ultimate prize, which players are eligible to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup itself?

Ranking Playoff Teams: The Stanley Cup Format Explained
With 16 playoff teams divided among two conferences and six divisions, here's how NHL teams are ranked and match-ups decided for each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Winning Your Fantasy Hockey Playoff Pool
The Stanley Cup playoffs are fantasy hockey's greatest challenge. Most years, the top 15 playoff scorers come from the final four teams, so that's a good place to start.

What To Watch For: The Keys to Stanley Cup Success
Six crucial factors that determine whether your team has what it takes to win the hockey marathon that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

A Fan's Stanley Cup Survival Guide
It's you against the world! (With a little help from your TV remote and a fridge full of beer.) These tips will help a dedicated fan get through the Stanley Cup marathon.

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