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The Stanley Cup

The Stanley Cup is the most revered trophy in professional sport, and the NHL playoffs are a hockey fan's favorite time of year. Here's a storehouse of news, analysis, history and tips to guide you through the annual charge to the Stanley Cup.

The NHL's longest current playoff droughts
The NHL's longest playoff droughts

How much money do Stanley Cup winning teams spend on free agents?

Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2014: Pat Burns finally gets in
2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

How do teams win the Stanley Cup?
How do teams win the Stanley Cup?

How the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup
How the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Final: 3 Conn Smythe contenders for the Kings and Rangers
Stanley Cup Final: Conn Smythe Contenders for Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers.

Stanley Cup Final: How the Kings and Rangers were built

The Complete List of Stanley Cup Champions
Stanley Cup winners through the ages, including pre-NHL champions. A list of all the Stanley Cup champions from 1892 to the present.

Most Stanley Cup Wins by Team
The Montreal Canadiens lead the way with 24 Stanley Cups. Here's the complete list of most Stanley Cup wins, ranked by team.

Gustav Nyquist: The young star pushing Detroit toward the playoffs

The Origin of the Stanley Cup
In 1893 the Canadian governor-general, Lord Stanley, purchased a silver bowl for $50 and naming it the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup. Hockey folks prefered a less formal designation: the Stanley Cup.

Explaining the new NHL playoff format
Which teams will make the NHL playoffs?

Corsi, PDO and Fenwick: 3 hockey stats you need to know

Stanley Cup Playoffs: NHL's contenders and pretenders (Part 1)
Stanley Cup Playoffs: Contenders and pretenders

Stanley Cup Playoffs: NHL's contenders and pretenders (part 2)
Stanley Cup Playoffs: NHL Stanley Cup pretenders

A Guide to the Stanley Cup Playoffs
Everything a fan needs, including the Stanley Cup fantasy tips, and explanation of the playoff format, and more.

Should the NHL Lose the Stanley Cup During a Strike or Lockout?
History suggests the Stanley Cup should not be idle just because the NHL is, according to one hockey historian.

Stanley Cup History
The Stanley Cup is the most revered trophy in professional sport, and the NHL playoffs are a hockey fan's favorite time of year.

Stanley Cup Photo Gallery
From center ice to Red Square, from Wayne Gretzky to Arnold Schwarzenegger, we follow the trail of the Stanley Cup in this collection of photos.

Most Stanley Cup Wins by Players
Henri Richard leads the way as the biggest winner in NHL history. Here are the players with the most Stanley Cup wins in their careers.

The Longest Games in NHL History
Here's a list of the longest NHL games ever played, all of them going into multiple overtime to settle a tie in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Shortest Overtime Games in Stanley Cup History
Here are the five shortest overtime games in the history of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Stanley Cup MVPs
Complete list of winners of the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the Most Valuable Player in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Stanley Cup Comebacks
Here are the all-time greatest comebacks in a series or single game during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Unlikely Stanley Cup Heroes
The NHL players on this list would be remembered by almost nobody, if not for one very special Stanley Cup season. They are the most unlikely of Stanley Cup heroes: the guys who came out of nowhere to dominate the Stanley Cup Playoffs for one brief moment.

Mistakes on the Stanley Cup
The Stanley Cup is the only trophy in pro sport that bears the name of every player on the winning team. How often have mistakes been made and names misspelled?

The Stanley Cup Format Explained
How the teams are ranked and matchups decided for each round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

NHL Teams That Have Never Won the Stanley Cup
Stanley Cup droughts drag on and on for the teams on this list. Here are the NHL teams that have never won the Stanley Cup.

Who gets their name on the Stanley Cup?
An NHL team might use plenty of players over the course of a season, due to trades, injuries, minor-league recalls, etc. So when they win the Stanley Cup, which players are eligible to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup itself?

Winning Your Fantasy Hockey Playoff Pool
The Stanley Cup playoffs are a fantasy hockey player's greatest challenge. Here's one strategy worth trying.

A Fan's Playoff Survival Guide
The Stanley Cup playoffs require grit, determination and endurance. It's you against the world! (With a little help from your remote control and a fridge full of beer.) These tips will help get you through the Stanley Cup marathon.

What To Watch For: The Keys to Stanley Cup Success
Six crucial factors that determine whether your team has what it takes to win in the hockey marathon that is the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Fix the Stanley Cup Playoffs!
The Stanley Cup tournament has long been a rite of spring. But for its own good, the NHL should get the playoffs started by April 1 and hand out the Stanley Cup before the end of May.

An Audience With the Stanley Cup
A Stanley Cup winner comes home with hockey's greatest prize.

Stanley Cup Trivia and Oddities
Who is Stanley and why is his name on the Cup? How many Stanley Cups are there? Plus much more about the greatest trophy in sport.

NHL Trade Rumors: 3 teams in need of a deadline makeover

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