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NHL Trades and Trade Rumors

Hockey fans love the rumor mill, so consider this your stop for all of the latest NHL trade rumors and speculation. 
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Why the San Jose Sharks shouldn't trade Joe Thornton
Joe Thornton Trade Rumors: Why the San Jose Sharks shouldn't even think about trading him.

Minnesota's revolving door of goaltenders
Ilya Bryzgalov and the Minnesota Wild's revolving door of goaltenders.

Revisiting the NHL trade deadline: The moves that are paying off

New York Rangers the big trade deadline winners
Martin St. Louis traded to New York Rangers

NHL trade deadline: What to look for and what to avoid
NHL Trade deadline: Who is available?

NHL Trade Rumors: 3 teams in need of a deadline makeover

NHL Trade Rumors: A Case Study
March 4/03 - People spread trade rumors "to act like they're in the know," says one NHL coach. True. But there are clues to help us tell the plausible rumors from the ludicrous ones.

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