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Hockey Rules and Officiating

Ice hockey rules explained. Links to rules and regulations for the NHL, international ice hockey and other leagues, plus a glossary.

How Do You Like the NHL's Latest Crackdown on Head Shots?
The NHL is trying to eliminate head shots by issuing more penalties and stiffer suspensions? Is it good for the game, or is the NHL killing physical hockey? Join the discussion and have your say.

The NHL's "Head Shot" Rule for 2011-12
Concussions and other injuries from head shots are one of the biggest issues facing the NHL. Here's how the rules changed to improve NHL player safety in the 2011-12 season.

Ice Hockey Rules at a Glance
If you're new to the game, here is a brief and simple guide to the basic ice hockey rules.

Ice Hockey Rules; Diagrams and Illustrations
A collection of pictures and rink diagrams illustrating basic ice hockey rules.

A Brief History of Hockey Fights
A history of hockey fights and how fighting became an accepted part of the NHL game.

NHL Rules
Hockey rules as set by the big league. The official National Hockey League rulebook from NHL.com.

International Ice Hockey Rules and Formats
The international game differs from the NHL in several key areas. You'll find the rulebook at the website of the International Ice Hockey Federation.

Hockey Canada Rules
The rules most Canadian leagues and youth programs play by, differing from NHL rules in several areas. Includes information bulletins and updates.

USA Hockey Rules and Officials' Page
A link to the USA hockey rulebook and casebook. Also provides help for aspiring officials.

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