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NHL Draft Guide

A Primer on the NHL Entry Draft.


Taylor Hall at the NHL Draft

Taylor Hall was the first man called to the stage at the 2010 NHL Draft.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images
Updated March 06, 2013

How the NHL Draft Works
The draft order, the eligible players and more.

The NHL Draft Lottery
Every non-playoff team has a crack at the first overall selection. Here's how it works.

NHL Draft Lottery Results
Every lottery move and pick since 1995.

All the Number-One Picks
A complete list of players selected first overall since the NHL Draft began in 1963.

All-Time Biggest Draft Busts
A dozen young stars who arrived with great expectations and disappeared in a hurry.

How Many NHL Draft Picks Make it to the NHL?
Over 200 players are selected at every NHL draft. How many of them will play at least 200 NHL games?

Past NHL Drafts: First-Round Picks Since 2003
Obvious picks, brilliant picks, and dismal failures dot the list of top draft picks in recent years.

The NHL Draft: A Brief History
The Draft began in 1963 as a way to distribute talent among NHL teams.

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