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Olympic Hockey History

Medal Winners, Milestones and more Olympic Hockey History
  1. 2006 Olympic Hockey (20)
  2. Miracle on Ice

An Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Classic
Pictures from the 2010 Olympic hockey gold medal game, from the pregame warm-up to Sidney Crosby's golden goal and Team Canada's celebration.

Men's Olympic Hockey - Complete Medal List
All the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in Olympic ice hockey, dating back to 1920.

Women's Olympic Hockey - Complete Medal List
All of the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in Olympic women's hockey, dating back to 1998.

Photos from Olympic Hockey History
A selection of photos from Olympic hockey history, dating back to the 1928 Winter Olympics in Switzerland.

The Olympic Hockey Timeline
A quick look at the history of Olympic hockey, from the first Olympic hockey tournament in 1920 to Canada's golden anniversary win in 2002.

Quotes from the Salt Lake City Games
Recalling the hockey showdown at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games through the words and thoughts of the main players.

Book Review: "A Loonie for Luck"
The story of Team Canada hockey gold at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, told through the eyes of the ice maker who buried the now-famous Canadian loonie at centre ice.

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