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Rumors, transactions, the Olympics, and more for the hockey fan.


Your guide to all things hockey and NHL, from the latest news and rumors to our pick of the top video games, movies, books and more.
  1. NHL Entry Draft
  2. NHL Free Agents
  3. The NHL Salary Cap
  4. Games, Movies, Music, Books and More
  1. NHL Trade Rumors
  2. 2010 Olympic Hockey
  3. Hockey History
  4. Predictions and Previews

NHL Entry Draft

Everything you need to follow the NHL draft and how it works.

NHL Free Agents

Here's the latest NHL free agent news, salary info and the rules governing free agency.

The NHL Salary Cap

The NHL salary cap explained in the plainest possible language, along with other key points in the new collective agreement signed in July of 2005.

Games, Movies, Music, Books and More

The world's greatest game is celebrated in movies, songs, hockey cards and video games. Here's our guide to the best in hockey culture.

NHL Trade Rumors

When media, fans or bloggers get hold of a hot NHL trade rumor, it spreads across the hockey world like wildfire. Here's where you will find the latest.

2010 Olympic Hockey

It ended with one of the most dramatic games in recent memory. Here's a look at the hockey competition at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Hockey History

A look at the rich history of ice hockey and the NHL, going back to the very first game.

Predictions and Previews

Forecasts for the current NHL season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs

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