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NHL News and Team Resources

A directory to the latest news from the National Hockey League, plus a guide to help you figure out what it all means. You will also find online resources for each NHL team.
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NHL 2014-15: How many goals your team needs to improve by
How much teams need to improve to make the playoffs during the 2014-15 NHL season.

NHL offseason progress report: Pacific Division
Which teams in the NHL's Pacific Division were able to get better (or get worse) during the offseason?

NHL offseason progress report: Central Division
Which teams improved or got worse in the NHL's Central Division.

NHL offseason progress report: Metropolitan Division
Which teams in the NHL's Metropolitan Division were able to get better over the summer? And which teams got worse?

NHL offseason progress report: Atlantic Division

P.K. Subban analysis: By the numbers
P.K. Subban analysis. Few defensemen in the NHL can match his level of production, and he's about to become one of the highest paid players in the NHL

NHL 2014-15 season: 5 players ready for a bounce back season
5 NHL players ready for a bounce back season.

The NHL's longest current playoff droughts
The NHL's longest playoff droughts

NHL Contracts: Sometimes you have to pay more now to save later
Jake Gardiner signed a five-year contract with Toronto Maple Leafs, and it might have been their best move of the offseason.

NHL playoffs: 5 non-playoff teams that could return in 2014-15

NHL salary arbitration: Week in review for July 21
Most NHL teams and players look to avoid salary arbitration. Here is a quick recap of the weeks restricted free agent signings.

NHL Free Agency: When little mistakes turn into big mistakes
In NHL free agency, little mistakes may not mean much on their own, but when you add a bunch of them together they turn into big mistakes.

2014 NHL salary arbitration schedule
2014 NHL salary arbitration schedule.

How much money do Stanley Cup winning teams spend on free agents?

The NHL's highest paid players
Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and the NHL's highest paid players.

NHL Free Agency: Which expensive gamble has best chance to pay off?
These teams are taking some very expensive gambles in NHL free agency. Will they get the big reward?

NHL Free Agency: Four teams that helped themselves
Not every team overpaid players in free agency. Some teams were able to get bargains. These were some of the best.

NHL Free Agency: 5 players worth signing

Defensemen to go No. 1 overall in the NHL draft
Defenseman to go No. 1 overall in the NHL draft.

How many NHL coaches played in the NHL?
The playing career of every NHL head coach.

What is the 2014-15 NHL salary cap?

NHL compliance buyouts: Which teams should take advantage?
Five teams that should take advantage for the NHL's compliance buyout period.

NHL Awards 2014: Colorado Avalanche, Sidney Crosby big winners
The 2014 NHL award winners, and who should have won.

How do teams win the Stanley Cup?
How do teams win the Stanley Cup?

How the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup
How the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup

Why the San Jose Sharks shouldn't trade Joe Thornton
Joe Thornton Trade Rumors: Why the San Jose Sharks shouldn't even think about trading him.

Stanley Cup Final: 3 Conn Smythe contenders for the Kings and Rangers
Stanley Cup Final: Conn Smythe Contenders for Los Angeles Kings and New York Rangers.

Stanley Cup Final: How the Kings and Rangers were built

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Goal scoring went up in Conference Finals
The Stanley Cup Playoffs have seen a slight increase in goal-scoring over the regular season and past postseasons.

NHL Free Agency: What will Thomas Vanek be worth?
What Will Thomas Vanek be worth in free agency?

New York Rangers Stanley Cup Final history

Rene Bourque's playoff goal scoring
Rene Bourque couldn't scoring during the regular season, and now he can't stop scoring during the playoffs.

Capitals hire Barry Trotz: Everything you need to know
Capitals Hire Barry Trotz.

Can Jaroslav Halak solve the Islanders' Goaltending woes?

Winners, underachievers and building your Stanley Cup legacy

NHL Salary Cap: How much should teams commit to their star players?
NHL Salary Cap: How much money should teams spend on their star players?

Why did the Penguins fire Ray Shero?
The Pittsburgh Penguins fired Ray Shero, and that was probably the right move.

Rick Nash and the NHL's longest playoff goal droughts
Rick Nash can't seem to score a goal right now for the New York Rangers. When will he find the back of the net again?

The importance of 'goalie wins'
Wins are not a good way to evaluate a goaltenders performance.

Minnesota's revolving door of goaltenders
Ilya Bryzgalov and the Minnesota Wild's revolving door of goaltenders.

Why are teams scoring more in the playoffs?
Why are teams scoring more goals in the 2013-14 NHL playoffs?

Steve Mason in back-to-back starts

Ryan Johansen could be the star the Columbus Blue Jackets need
Ryan Johansen could be the star the Columbus Blue Jackets need.

Why has it been so long since the NHL had a repeat champion?

A new era for the Detroit Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings begin a new chapter in franchise history, even in defeat.

Three injuries that impacted first round of NHL playoffs
Injuries that have impacted first round of Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Nathan MacKinnon picking up where he left off in regular season
Nathan MacKinnon picking up where he left off in the regular season.

The 3 best first round playoff series' to watch

The NHL's longest tenured coaches
Barry Trotz fired and the NHL's longest tenured coaches.

Winning the Presidents' Trophy is not a bad thing
The Presidents' Trophy Curse: It does not exist.

How important is goaltending in the NHL?
The Winnipeg Jets need goaltending help

Revisiting the NHL trade deadline: The moves that are paying off

Gustav Nyquist: The young star pushing Detroit toward the playoffs

The New Jersey Devils and the worst shootout season ever
The New Jersey Devils and the worst shootout season ever.

Explaining the new NHL playoff format
Which teams will make the NHL playoffs?

The importance of health when it comes to Winning the Stanley Cup

The most misleading hockey numbers
The worst hockey statistics.

NHL Realignment Gives the League a New Layout in 2013-14
NHL realignment changes the layout, the standings, the schedule and the playoff race.

Key Dates in the Shortened 2013 NHL Season
Here are the revised dates in the 48-game 2012-13 NHL season, including the trade deadline, the NHL Draft, and more.

Better Late Than Never: New Deal Ends 2012-13 NHL Lockout
Details of the agreement between the NHL and NHL Players Association, reached in the early hours of the morning.

Will You Forgive and Forget When the NHL Lockout Is Finally Over?
The NHL lockout has dragged on for months and left fans out in the cold. Will you be back when the game is back? Or has the lockout turned you off from the NHL? We want to hear from you.

NHL Lockout Watch: January 1/13
January 1/13 - A new and very detailed offer from the NHL. Does it provide a glimpse of daylight?

NHL Lockout Watch: December 17/12
December 17/12 - As a special holiday gift to fans, the NHL and the Players' Association prepare to bring their battle to the courtroom.

Are NHL Players Greedy, Spoiled Brats? And Other NHL Lockout Questions.
As the 2012 NHL lockout threatens the entire season, helpless hockey fans are fed up with the bickering. Let's look at a few common fan complaints.

NHL Lockout Watch: December 7/12
December 7/12 - Optimism dissolves and talks break off again, as NHLPA tactics leave Gary Bettman and the owners frustrated.

NHL Lockout Watch: December 5/12
December 5/12 - Players and owners report a "constructive" eight-hour day without Gary Bettman or Donald Fehr in the room.

NHL Lockout Watch: December 4/12
December 4/12 - Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr step away for a day as players and owners face each other at the NHL lockout table.

NHL Lockout Watch: November 28/12
November 28/12 - We explain the mediation process and the threat of union decertification, as the NHL lockout drags on.

NHL Lockout Watch: November 20/12
November 20/12 - After a long and chilly break, the NHL and NHLPA try to kick start negotiations.

What Does "Make Whole" Mean in the NHL Lockout?
If you've been following the 2012 NHL lockout, you will have encountered many references to the "make whole" question.

NHL Lockout Watch: November 7/12
November 7/12 - The NHL and NHLPA go into hiding with their latest bargaining session.

NHL Lockout Watch: October 18/12
October 18/12 - Though many issues remain, the two sides have agreed in principle on a 50/50 revenue split.

NHL Lockout 2012: The Latest on the Negotiations
We follow the NHL-versus-NHLPA showdown with regular updates, summarizing where the two sides stand on the issues.

NHL Lockout Watch: October 11/12
October 11/12 - The NHL and NHLPA remain quiet as the 2012-13 season begins to slip away.

Sidney Crosby Concussion History
A time line of Sidney Crosby's concussion and recovery since his first serious blow to the head on January 1, 2011.

NHL Lockout Watch: September 13/12
September 13/12 - The NHL and NHLPA have moved a little closer, but not nearly close enough.

NHL Lockout Watch: August 30/12
The NHL and NHLPA have shown signs of compromise on some issues. But "Hockey Related Revenue" is emerging as a big sticking point.

NHL Lockout Watch: August 15/12
August 15/12 - An NHL lockout in 2012 can be avoided only if there's significant compromise. Here's a look at the initial offers from owners and players.

What Would You Do To Avoid an NHL Lockout in 2012?
If they put you in charge, how would you craft a compromise to avoid an NHL lockout and ensure labor peace in pro hockey? We want your answers.

NHL Player Moves in Summer of 2012: Eastern Conference
Who's in and who's out on every NHL team. A list of free agent signings and trades in the Eastern Conference before the 2012-13 NHL season.

NHL Player Moves in Summer of 2012: Western Conference
Who's in and who's out on every NHL team. A list of free agent signings and trades in the Western Conference before the 2012-13 NHL season.

Key Dates on the NHL Calendar
Here are all the important dates in the 2012-13 NHL season, including the NHL trade deadline, the opening day of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, draft day and more.

2005 NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement
Here are the main points in the 2005 collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHL Players' Association, which governed the league from 2005 to 2012.

A Proposed New NHL Conference Alignment
The NHL is going for a new look in 2012-13. Here are the four new NHL conferences emerging from the league's realignment plan.

Sidney Crosby: Profile and Pictures
Here's a biography of Sidney Crosby, along with a gallery of his hockey career in pictures.

Sidney Crosby Season-by-Season Highlights
Sidney Crosby has had a spectacular career since entering the NHL in 2005. Here's a look at the highlights and achievements of each season.

Sidney Crosby Pictures
See Sidney Crosby's first goal, his first game with the Pittsburgh Penguins, with Team Canada, at the NHL Awards, and more. These Sidney Crosby pictures follow his career from junior hockey to the NHL.

Official NHL Scoreboard
Besides up-to-the-minute NHL scores, NHL.com links you to live radio broadcasts of every game, the official scoresheet and stats sheet, and even a chance to vote for the first star.

Alexander Ovechkin Pictures
From junior days to his reign as the NHL's scoring champ, this gallery of Alexander Ovechkin pictures presents unforgettable images form his career.

NHL Winter Classic Photo Gallery
The Winter Classic is the NHL's marquee television event. Here's a selection of pictures from every game since the tradition began in 2008.

Pictures from the 2009 NHL Winter Classic
Pictures from Wrigley Field, where the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings played an outdoor NHL game on New Year's Day, 2009.

2008-09 NHL Season Preview
Our 2008-09 NHL Season Preview offers a capsule profile of all 30 teams going into the 2008-09 NHL season.

NHL TV Schedule
Here's the NHL TV schedule for the 2008-09 NHL season, listing games covered by Hockey Night in Canada, NHL on Versus, and NHL on TSN.

2007-08 NHL Award Winners
Alexander Ovechkin and stars of the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings clean up at the 2008 NHL Awards.

Top 10 Hockey Stories of 2005
From the shootout to the changing of the guard to the surrender of the NHL Players' Association, here are the stories that changed hockey for good in 2005.

NHL Trades and Free Agent Signings in the Summer of 2011
Who's in and who's out on every NHL team. A list of trades and free agent signings before the 2011-12 NHL season.

NHL Lockout in 2012? A Look at the Issues.
A list of items that must be resolved if we are to avoid an NHL lockout in 2012.

Key Dates on the NHL Calendar
Here are all the important dates in the 2011-12 NHL season, including the NHL trade deadline, the opening day of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, draft day and more.

NHL Season Preview 2011-12: Western Conference
Our NHL season preview for 2011-12 looks at the Western Conference, where the Detroit Red Wings are picked to win a crowded race for the top.

NHL Season Preview 2011-12: Eastern Conference
Our NHL season preview for 2011-12 looks at the Eastern Conference, where the Washington Capitals remain the strongest regular season team.

2012 NHL Free Agent Signings
Here are the players signed as unrestricted NHL free agents in the summer of 2012, with contract terms included where available.

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