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Top 6 Hockey Movies for Children


Not all hockey movies are what you would call "fun for the whole family." Some parents surely do not want to spend an evening explaining the colorful language and mating rituals on display in "Slap Shot" for example. So on this page we list a few hockey movies that most families will consider suitable for most children. We include each film's rating, and mention elements that some might find unsuitable for kids.

1. Miracle

This re-telling of the 1980 Miracle On Ice is a decent entry in the underdogs-conquer-all category of sports movies. Kurt Russell is good as coach Herb Brooks, the team-building sequences are effective, and the big finish works nicely. Rated PG: The players drink beer, tempers boil over and there's a bit of cursing in the locker room.
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2. The Mighty Ducks

Disney turns its sights on the rink, coming up with a fairly charming story of a team of misfits who learn to win. Even the most cynical viewer can't help but cheer them on, with coach Emilio Estevez teaching life lessons and learning some of his own. I wonder if he knew this would end up as his most memorable performance? Rated PG, with a only a few mild profanities. There are two sequels, both much weaker than the original.
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3. Hockey Night

Kathy is a goalie who wants to play for the boy's hockey team. But some of the guys don't want a girl around, and the team sponsor isn't very enlightened about the issue either. Made in 1984, "Hockey Night" is somewhat dated - many of today's kids are accustomed playing on mixed teams, and female goalies have played with men and boys at just about every level. But you can't argue with the "girl goalie power" message. Rated PG, with little to cause offense.
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4. The Sweater

A 10-minute animated short, with author Roch Carrier narrating his memoir of a boyhood spent on frozen ponds. Plot thickens when a mail-order mistake replaces his sacred Canadiens' jersey with - horror of horrors - a Leafs' sweater! Unrated, but nothing offensive here.

5. MVP: Most Valuable Primate

This is too silly to talk about - a chimp named Jack moves in with a family in wintry British Columbia, and turns out to be a natural at hockey. But what will happen when the evil scientists come to take him back to the lab? Rated PG, with a little hockey violence.
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6. The Cutting Edge

An eye injury forces a tough-as-nails hockey player to leave the game. So he takes up figure skating, and is paired with Kate, the prima donna who can't get along with any of her partners. They start out hating each other, but eventually learn to get along as they find their championship form, romance blossoms, etc. Rated PG, with a fair bit of boozing and some suggested sex.
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