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2004 Hockey Quotes of the Year

The best hockey quotes from the NHL and beyond.


"It felt like a Pee-Wee game at the end -- in all due respect to Pee-Wees."
- Capitals' coach Glen Hanlon, after the Capitals and Flames score six goals in the last six minutes – and three in the final minute – to tie 3-3. (AP, Jan. 14)

"I don't know if high-sticking is up. I don't think so. Some of those old guys were pretty cut up. And you know, (current high-stick incidents) are all accidental. So I don't know how there could be more now compared to back then, where there were a lot more intentional ones, for sure. There were some wicked stickmen when I started. It was part of it. That's how guys like Bobby Schmautz played, and even Wayne Cashman, who was a helluva stickman. And guys were proud of it. It was, 'Hey, if you screw around with me, I'm gonna carve your eyes out.' There's an expression you never hear any more."
- Oilers' coach Craig MacTavish (National Post, Jan. 23)

"I believe fundamentally we are the worst team in the National Hockey League."
- Bobby Holik of the Rangers, after a 9-1 loss to Ottawa. (Jan. 24)

"Eric dropped the gloves, and I said, 'I'll fight you, but my hit was legal. You had your head down. You have to keep your head up.' I don't think he got hurt then because he stayed in the game, and I know I didn't hurt him during the fight. I hope he's back real soon. He's a great player and this game needs him."
- Washington's Jason Doig, after handing Eric Lindros his eighth concussion. (Jan. 28)

"(Doig) has got to make that hit. If he doesn't make that hit, then he's not doing his job."
- Capitals' coach Glen Hanlon (Sun Media, Jan. 30)

"So many people in television don't say what they think. They're a bit phony. But (Cherry) touches a nerve in this country. He says what a lot of people are afraid to say. I've worked with him for 20 years and he's the same off the air as he is on the air. This is not an act, and people respect sincerity."
- CBC Sportscaster Brian Williams. (Ottawa Sun, Feb. 13)

"That's a 12-year-old's goal pad and that's illegal. It's tough to comment on these changes. If that pad I showed you is illegal on a 12-year-old where do I start? Honestly, I think if they want to score more goals, they should take away our helmets."
- Leafs’ goalie Trevor Kidd displays his sons’ pads to protest a new rule limiting NHL goalie pads to 10 inches wide. (Toronto Star, Feb. 12)

"Trevor Kidd can say that. But if I were him I'd work on my game. We work hard. We don't just grab things from our back pocket and say 'Let's try this'. Seeing a goalie handling the puck, that's pretty exciting. I thought it was pretty exciting seeing Mike Gartner and Guy Lafleur going down the wing and scoring. Now we have to go down and shove it through the side of (goaltenders') pads or jam it in at the side of the net. You don't get those shots down the wing going in the net. Players tell us, and I think players are in the same PA as Trevor Kidd, they tell us they can't see the net any more.”
- NHL VP Colin Campbell is unmoved. (Globe and Mail, Feb. 12)

"The problem is himself."
- Minnesota Wild coach Jacques Lemaire on the long scoring slump of Marion Gaborik.

"We kind of looked at each other and said, 'That was fun.' It was a couple guys beating on each other. Good times."
- San Jose's Scott Parker, after fighting Columbus' Jody Shelley. (Rocky Mountain News, Feb. 27)

“At the end of the movie, there was a standing ovation in the theatre. I just left. To be honest, I felt like I’d lost. My friends played there — Krutov, Makarov, Fetisov, Kasatonov. I wish the guys in Hollywood had spent more time, maybe even just five minutes, to show the Russian side of the story. They should have showed a little bit of what happened inside the Soviet camp. But I know American movies are always like that.”
– Igor Larionov, who was too young to play for the Soviets at the 1980 Olympics, reviews Miracle. (New Yorker, March 8)

"My plan was that when we start winning, we will fill this building. It's the only thing I haven't been able to do. And I don't want to hear that price is an issue. We have one of the lowest average prices in the NHL and we've already run every kind of special. About the only thing we haven't done is a ‘buy in the next 30 minutes and the GM will wash your car' deal."
- Tampa GM Jay Feaster takes a swipe at the locals. (St. Petersburgh Times, Feb. 24)

"Personally, this year was a nightmare for me. I'm not going to hide it."
- Teemu Selanne reflects on his 16 goal season with Colorado.

“The big difference with Ottawa is, I think we have one of the better, established goalies in the league here, which we didn’t have in Ottawa.”
- Jacques Martin, taking over as coach of the Panthers, delivers a parting shot to the old team.

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