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Computer Games, Books, Movies, Cards and Other Fun Stuff

The world's greatest game is celebrated in movies, songs, hockey cards and a host of computer simulation games like NHL 2005. Here's our guide to the best in hockey culture.
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  2. NHL 2006 and More Games (7)

Hockey Jerseys
Show your colors! Choose from customized NHL jerseys and other hockey jerseys. The perfect gift for the diehard fan or collector.

Hockey Movies on DVD and Video
From Charlestown, Pennsylvania to Mystery, Alaska: The best hockey movies available on video and DVD.

Hockey Movies for Children
Not all hockey movies are what you would call "fun for the whole family." So on this page we list a few hockey movies that most families will consider suitable for most children. We include each film's rating, and mention elements that some might find unsuitable for kids.

The Best Hockey Songs
The Tragically Hip, Stompin' Tom and Warren Zevon are among the stars who have paid tribute to the world's greatest game.

Top 10 Essential Hockey Books
From novels to memoirs to books that probe the culture of the game, here's our pick of the top hockey books.

Top 5 Hockey Novels
Great literature about the greatest game. Hockey stories by Bill Gaston, Richard Wright, Richard Wagamese, and more.

Hockey Readers Awake! Free Yourselves from the Tyranny of Books About the NHL!
Why pick up yet another book about the NHL? For a fresh and fascinating perspective on the game, open a hockey novel.

Books for the Hockey Novice
For anyone new to hockey, these books explain the rules, fundamentals and customs of the game, celebrate its history and provide plenty of tips and essential knowledge for fans and players.

Hockey Gift Books and Photo Albums
The game has inspired dozens of photo collections, coffee table books and other illustrated, large-format anthologies for fans to browse through and collect.

Classic Lost Hockey Movies
A handful of hockey movies are worth a night in. But many of the hockey movies we really want to see have long since disappeared. Here are five classic hockey movies that are nowhere to be found these days.

NHL Action Figures From McFarlane Toys
Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux and Martin Brodeur are among the NHL stars immortalized by McFarlane Toys. Here's are the hockey action figures available from the McFarlane Toys NHL Series, depicting the game's most popular players.

A Fan's Stanley Cup Survival Guide
The Stanley Cup playoffs require grit, determination and endurance. It's you against the world! (With a little help from your remote control and a fridge full of beer.) These tips will help get you through the Stanley Cup marathon.

Reality TV at its Best
Ten reasons why playoff hockey is the greatest spectacle in pro sports.

NHL.com for Kids
Hockey games, contests and features from the official NHL website.

2005 Hockey Quotes of the Year
They talked through the NHL lockout, the resolution, and into the new NHL season. From the NHL and beyond, here's a selection of the best hockey quotes of 2005.

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