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The rules, the basics, the history and the business of hockey and the NHL


All the resources and info you need to explore the history, rules, customs and stories of the NHL and the world's greatest game.
  1. Understanding Hockey Statistics
  2. Hockey Rules
  3. Hockey Language and Culture
  4. Hockey History
  5. The Business of Hockey

Understanding Hockey Statistics

Decipher and understand the abbreviations and the numbers on the NHL stat sheet.

Hockey Rules

Ice hockey rules explained. Links to rules and regulations for the NHL, international ice hockey and other leagues, plus a glossary.

Hockey Language and Culture

From the Allan Cup to the Gordie Howe Hat Trick to the best ain games books and movies, we explain it all.

Hockey History

NHL history, legendary players, statistical analysis, the evolution of the game and everything pertaining to ice hockey history and research.

The Business of Hockey

NHL governors meeting

A review of the basic rules govenring NHL free agents, the salary cap, the NHL Draft and more.

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