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A Beginner's Guide to Hockey and the NHL

If you are new to hockey, here are all the resources you need to explore the history, rules, customs and stories of the world's greatest game.
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Corsi, PDO and Fenwick: 3 hockey stats you need to know

The most misleading hockey numbers
The worst hockey statistics.

Ice Hockey Rules; Diagrams and Illustrations
A collection of pictures and rink diagrams illustrating basic ice hockey rules.

How to Read NHL Stats
Can't tell PIMs from GAs? This guide will help you sort out all the meaningful numbers on the NHL stat sheet.

How to Read and Calculate Goalie Stats
Goaltenders, of course, have their own package of numbers. Here's an easy guide to goalie stats, including how to figure out save percentage and goals-against average.

How to Read the NHL Standings
Abbreviations and explanations to help you sort out all the numbers listed in the NHL standings.

How the Shootout Works
Here's an explanation of how the shootout works, how it counts in the NHL standings and how it affects the statistics compiled for teams and individual players.

How the NHL Draft Works
The NHL Entry Draft is how the league distributes the best 18-year-old hockey players in the world, along with a few late bloomers, long shots and older players. Here's a quick summary of how it works.

The NHL Salary Cap as of 2013
How the NHL salary cap works according to rules set by the 2013 collective agreement.

Stanley Cup Champions Through the Ages
Hockey's greatest teams, going back to 1893.

The NHL Salary Cap: Trades, Contract Buyouts and Escrow
Further details of the NHL salary cap as negotiated under the 2013 collective agreement, including how teams can retain salary in player trades.

NHL Free Agents Explained
What's a Group Four? Can my team bid for a Group Three? This primer on NHL free agents and the status of different groups will help you sort out what it means to be an NHL free agent.

The Hockey Timeline
A brief history of hockey and the NHL. Find out about the original artificial ice, the first player's strike, the Babe Pratt gambling scandal and much more.

Play Hockey: A Guide for Beginners
Playing hockey is the greatest experience in sport. Whether you're strapping on the skates yourself or you're the parent of a new hockey player, here's a beginner's guide to getting started in world's greatest game.

Hockey Books for the New Fan
For anyone new to the game, these hockey books explain rules, fundamentals and customs, celebrate hockey history and provide plenty of tips and essential knowledge for fans and players.

Find a game, discover the game, learn the game. A resource designed to build awareness and understanding of youth hockey, allowing parents to make informed decisions. A collaborative effort of USA Hockey, Hockey Canada, the NHL, NHL Players Association and other industry leaders.

How to Buy Hockey Skates
Any hockey player needs the right pair of skates. Here's how to find, fit and buy hockey skates.

How to Properly Fit a Hockey Skate
Here's how to try on a hockey skate in the store, to ensure the best possible fit.

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