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Hockey Miscreants

Hockey's Most Infamous Personalities


Worst Human Being: Graham James
Junior coach and sex offender

He seemed an ideal coach and mentor. James guided the Swift Current Broncos from tragedy - a 1986 bus accident that killed four players - to the Canadian junior championship just three years later. The Hockey News named him Man of the Year. He moved on to another team and continued coaching until 1997, when he was charged and convicted of sexual assault, the evidence detailing hundreds of incidents dating back over a decade. Sheldon Kennedy, a former Bronco and NHL veteran, went public with his story. He told of countless assaults during his teenage years, and how James used his position to prey on the vulnerable. "The coach is so respected," Kennedy told the Ottawa Citizen. "Your parents send you away and say, 'Do what he says.' At that age, you listen. That's your first step if you want to play pro." In 2010, James was arrested on new charges for sex offences against three minors, alleged to have happened between 1979 and 1994. One of the alleged victims was former NHL star Theo Fleury. Those charges have yet to come to trial.

Worst Human Being, the Sequel: David Frost
Junior coach and alleged sex offender

The coach forged an absolute bond with his favorite kids. On one team, the core of Frost loyalists was nicknamed "The Cult." He lived in motels, partied with his players, and coached with a bad temper. At least one Frost team risked suspension from its league for violent and undisciplined play. He was caught forging player documents, and in 1997 pleaded guilty to assaulting one of his players. Eventually banned from coaching in several leagues, Frost changed careers and became an NHL player agent. One of his clients was Mike Danton, a devotee from the minor hockey days. It all began to unravel for Frost in 2004, when Danton was convicted on charges of trying to murder him. It was a bizarre case, with Danton maintaining his relationship with Frost even after his conviction. In November of 2008, Frost was acquited on four charges of sexual exploitation. The alleged offenses involved two teenaged hockey players and their girlfriends.

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