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Hockey FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

Here's where the mysteries are solved. Our hockey FAQ sorts through the most common questions asked about hockey rules, history, culture, and more.
  1. Hockey History FAQ (13)

How Many NHL Draft Picks Make it to the NHL?

How are Goaltending Statistics Calculated?

How Does the NHL Break a Tie in the NHL Standings?
If two or more NHL teams are tied in total points, the tie is broken and the NHL standings are set using the following criteria.

How teams are seeded for the Stanley Cup playoffs?

Who gets their name on the Stanley Cup?

What is the Trap?
A simple explanation of the neutral zone trap. Here's how to recognize one of hockey's most despised defensive systems.

What is Plus-Minus?

When can a junior hockey player join the NHL?

What's a forward? A wing? Which line is which?

What is the left-wing lock?

Can the goalie cross the centre line with the puck?

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