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Hockey History and Research

NHL history, legendary players, statistical analysis, the evolution of the game and everything pertaining to ice hockey history and research.
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  2. Hockey History FAQs (15)
  3. Miracle On Ice (8)
  4. 1972 Summit Series (6)
  5. Wayne Gretzky (9)
  6. NHL Individual Awards (8)
  7. More Hockey History (10)
  8. 2004-05 NHL Lockout (106)

NHL 2014-15 season: 5 players ready for a bounce back season
5 NHL players ready for a bounce back season.

How much money do Stanley Cup winning teams spend on free agents?

Defensemen to go No. 1 overall in the NHL draft
Defenseman to go No. 1 overall in the NHL draft.

How many NHL coaches played in the NHL?
The playing career of every NHL head coach.

NHL Awards 2014: Colorado Avalanche, Sidney Crosby big winners
The 2014 NHL award winners, and who should have won.

Hockey Hall of Fame class of 2014: Pat Burns finally gets in
2014 Hockey Hall of Fame Class

How do teams win the Stanley Cup?
How do teams win the Stanley Cup?

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Goal scoring went up in Conference Finals
The Stanley Cup Playoffs have seen a slight increase in goal-scoring over the regular season and past postseasons.

New York Rangers Stanley Cup Final history

Rene Bourque's playoff goal scoring
Rene Bourque couldn't scoring during the regular season, and now he can't stop scoring during the playoffs.

Capitals hire Barry Trotz: Everything you need to know
Capitals Hire Barry Trotz.

Winners, underachievers and building your Stanley Cup legacy

NHL Salary Cap: How much should teams commit to their star players?
NHL Salary Cap: How much money should teams spend on their star players?

Rick Nash and the NHL's longest playoff goal droughts
Rick Nash can't seem to score a goal right now for the New York Rangers. When will he find the back of the net again?

The importance of 'goalie wins'
Wins are not a good way to evaluate a goaltenders performance.

Steve Mason in back-to-back starts

Ryan Johansen could be the star the Columbus Blue Jackets need
Ryan Johansen could be the star the Columbus Blue Jackets need.

Why has it been so long since the NHL had a repeat champion?

The Hockey Time Line
A quick look at ice hockey history and NHL history, from the first game to the first player's strike to the 2004 NHL lockout.

The NHL's longest tenured coaches
Barry Trotz fired and the NHL's longest tenured coaches.

Winning the Presidents' Trophy is not a bad thing
The Presidents' Trophy Curse: It does not exist.

How important is goaltending in the NHL?
The Winnipeg Jets need goaltending help

The New Jersey Devils and the worst shootout season ever
The New Jersey Devils and the worst shootout season ever.

The importance of health when it comes to Winning the Stanley Cup

Jaromir Jagr and the best over-40 NHL seasons
Best NHL seasons over the age of 40

Stanley Cup Playoffs: NHL's contenders and pretenders (Part 1)
Stanley Cup Playoffs: Contenders and pretenders

The NHL's best under-20 rookies

The Futility of "All Time" NHL Records
It won't be long before almost every NHL record belongs to a player who began his career no later than the 1970s. At that point, the record-keeping becomes a disservice to history.

The Sidney Crosby Page
Sidney Crosby's career: the biography, pictures, NHL firsts, and season-by-season highlights.

Mario Lemieux Profile
A brief biography of Mario Lemieux, arguably the most dominant player in NHL history, including his career NHL statistics and awards and his international achievements with Team Canada.

The Longest Suspensions in NHL History
Todd Bertuzzi becomes the second NHL player ever suspended for the rest of the season, including the playoffs. For some perspective on crime and punishment in hockey history, check out the list of the longest suspensions ever handed out by the National Hockey League.

Defunct NHL Franchises
From the Montreal Wanderers (d. 1918) to the Atlanta Thrashers (d. 2011), there are 19 defunct NHL franchises in NHL history.

Worst Air Disasters in Sports History
The Russian plane crash that killed almost every player of the Lokomotiv hockey team is one of the worst air disasters in the history of sport. Here's a list of tragic plane crashes dating back to 1948.

NHL Lockouts and Strikes: A History
An NHL lockout or strike has interrupted play three times since 1992. Here's a look at each dispute and how it was resolved.

The First NHL Strike
It's always been about the money. The hockey business has a long and sometimes ugly history, dating back to the drop of the first puck. If you're pining for the good old days, take a moment to consider the story of two players who led the first strike in NHL history.

The NHL Draft: A Brief History
A brief history of the NHL Entry Draft, introduced as the NHL Amateur Draft in 1963.

Women's Hockey History: A Primer
A brief history of women and girls on ice. Women's hockey dates back over a century.

Tim Horton - Hockey Legend, Fast Food Icon
The Toronto Maple Leafs' giant is dwarfed by his coffee-and-doughnut empire.

Hockey Miscreants - Hockey's Most Infamous Personalities
From the worst owner to the most repugnant crook to the worst hockey dad ever, here is the dishonour roll of the most unpleasant men in the history of hockey and the NHL.

Graham James: Hockey Coach and Sex Offender
Graham James is one of Canada's most infamous sex offenders, a prominent hockey coach convicted of sexual abuse of teenaged players.

Harold Ballard - Hockey's Worst Owner
With his cantankerous, eccentric ways, his talent for alienating players, and general contempt for the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans, Harold Ballard goes down as the worst NHL owner of all time.

Eddie Shore - All Star Defenseman and All Star Villain
One of the great defensemen of the 1930s, and of all time, Eddie Shore also stands among the game's most vicious and vindictive men.

The Internet Hockey Database
The Internet's largest repository of hockey history and data. Includes player and team statistics dating back almost a century and a terrific archive team logos.

NHL.com Hockey History
The National Hockey League's authorized biography.

The Hockey Hall of Fame
The official Hall of Fame site features profiles of the game's greatest players and a growing library of hockey history and statistics.

Hockey During Wartime
Like most pro sports leagues, the NHL has a history of playing through wars and other conflicts. But the biggest of those wars had a profound effect on hockey history.

Theoren Fleury's Victim Impact
From Theoren Fleury's website, the victim impact statement presented during a sentencing hearing for Graham James, who pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting Mr. Fleury and another junior hockey player.

Dit Clapper of the Boston Bruins
Dit Clapper used to be called "the Lou Gehrig of hockey." But one of the great players of the NHL's early days is relatively unknown today.

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