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Fantasy Hockey Tools

Find out how to run or join fantasy hockey leagues, NHL hockey pools and other games for the fantasy hockey junkies.
  1. Fantasy Hockey Managers (3)

Basic Fantasy Hockey Tips
Get your butt kicked in last season's fantasy hockey league? These essential tips will help turn you into a winner.

A Simple Fantasy Hockey Format
If you're a fantasy hockey novice looking to set up a league, this suggested format is easy, entertaining and low maintenance.

Winning Your Fantasy Hockey Playoff Pool
The Stanley Cup playoffs are a fantasy hockey player's greatest challenge. Here's one strategy worth trying.

Fantasy Hockey Update: Three Players to Watch
Fantasy hockey owners should read about these three players who could help improve their fantasy hockey rosters.

Fantasy Hockey News: Lightning Sign Marc-Andre Bergeron
Tuesday brought intriguing fantasy hockey news to fantasy hockey owners, as Tampa Bay signed defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron.

NHL Official Statistics
The official numbers. Also the most comprehensive stats database on the Web.

The NHL Injury List
Essential reading for any fantasy hockey manager! Stay on top of the disabled list by checking the latest injuries. Sorted by date and by team.

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