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Fantasy Hockey News: Concern Over Sidney Crosby

Fantasy hockey owners following truth and rumors about Sid the Kid.


Sidney Crosby at the Winter Classic

Sidney Crosby at the 2011 NHL Winter Classic. When will fans and fantasy hockey owners see him on the ice again?

Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Updated August 16, 2011

With rumors running rampant that his star center Sidney Crosby has been "shut down" from training due to a recurrence of post-concussion syndrome symptoms, Penguins GM Ray Shero looked to squelch these rumors on Monday.

The thing is, until media types and fans actually see Crosby on the ice in training camp participating in daily workouts with his teammates and beginning to take part in games, rumors and innuendo regarding Sid the Kid's health will rule the day.

And that has to be very unsettling for fantasy hockey owners---especially those who will own the No. 1 or No. 2 overall pick in their respective draft, or who have Crosby on their keeper-league team already.

And, to be honest, Shero's words were not so comforting for Crosby fans, either.
"Training camp is a month away," said Shero. "So there's no expectation from me that he won't be ready, or will be ready."

Though he has not played an NHL game since January 5th due to a concussion, Crosby must still be considered at, or near, the top of the fantasy hockey talent pool. But if his health situation remains cloudy come draft time, fantasy owners are going to be facing a huge dilemma.

Do you roll the dice that Crosby is, and will remain, healthy, and thus will continue to be the same scoring stud he's been for the past six years? Or do you err on the side of caution and select an Alex Ovechkin or Steven Stamkos or Corey Perry or Martin St. Louis instead? What if owners are extremely cautious in your league and Crosby is sitting there late in the first round and it's your turn to pick?

Face it, you don't want to be the fantasy owner who by-passed Crosby and then he went out and recorded a 100+ point season.

But you also do not want to be the fantasy owner who picks Sid first or second overall only to have him compromised by issues revolving around the concussion.

So what to do?

Right now, sit tight, read all the reports and rumors, and wait for training camp. Once camp arrives his status will be somewhat more clear.

Then at that point make some hard decisions before you sit down at the draft table.

Oh, and good luck not being "the owner who.....".

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