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Previews, analysis and comprehensive coverage of the 2003 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The Devil Finds A Way. Again.

The New Jersey Devils won their third Stanley Cup in nine years in an unlikely championship series that defied expectations to the end. The Devils might be the best and most influential NHL franchise of the last ten years.

Season of Change

Shifting goalies, aging stars, blown leads in New Jersey and a fresh start in Montreal: Recent developments on and off the ice suggest that the NHL could be approaching the end of an era.

A Tale of Two Goalies

The 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs proved that goaltending is more important than ever. So who wins the Stanley Cup showdown? The new hero in Anaheim or the Hockey Hall of Fame candidate in New Jersey?

Jiggy's Place In History

The 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs have turned Jean-Sebastian Giguere into the biggest story in hockey. But the Anaheim Mighty Ducks' young goalie has a ways to go before he secures a place among the great Stanley Cup breakthroughs of all time.

Getting What You Paid For?

While fat cats like Jaromir Jagr and Keith Tkachuk are long gone, the 2003 Stanley Cup playoffs are dominated by stars of more modest income. Plus much more in the 2003 Stanley Cup Notebook.

Stanley Cup 2003: Conference Finals Preview

This year's final four features one member of the NHL's old guard, a young team that has finally come of age and a pair of smalltime bandits that were never supposed to get this far.

2003 Stanley Cup Notebook - Round Two

The media wizards are at it again, demanding that the NHL change its ways and improve its "product." It's enough to make you wonder if these guys even like hockey in the first place. Plus much more in the 2003 Stanley Cup Notebook.

Stanley Cup 2003: Round Two Preview

After a frenzied first round, which teams can regroup, rev up and take the next step? From Ducks to Canucks, here's the bottom line on the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

2003 Stanley Cup Notebook - Round One

The Red Wings, Blues, Maple Leafs and Avalanche are all packing up their gear, three teams wondering what the hell happened. Plus much more from the 2003 Stanley Cup Notebook.

Stanley Cup 2003: Opening Round Preview

Our first round preview offers fearless predictions and ranks the entertainment value of each series as the 2003 Stanley Cup tournament begins.
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