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The NHL Salary Cap from 2005 to 2012 - the NHL, the - About.com
Here's how the NHL salary cap worked during the 2005-2012 collective agreement.
NHL Salary Cap 2013 Explanation - About.com
How the NHL salary cap works according to rules set by the 2013 collective agreement.
The NHL Salary Cap - Trades, Contract Buyouts and Escrow
Further details of the NHL salary cap as negotiated under the 2013 collective agreement, including how teams can retain salary in player trades.
NHL Salary Cap: How much should teams commit to their star ...
The NHL salary cap may limit the amount of money teams can spend on players, but the teams that are willing -- and able -- to spend to the limits of the cap have ...
What is the 2014-15 NHL salary cap? - About.com
Just hours before the NHL draft, and less than a week before the start of free agency, the NHL announced that the salary cap for the 2014-15 season will be set ...
NHL Lockout Basics - Would an NHL Salary Cap Result in a More ...
Question: Would a salary cap result in a more competitive National Hockey League? Update: The NHL lockout ended in July, with a six-year collective ...
NHL trade rumors: Fixing the Bruins' salary cap mess - About.com
NHL trade rumors: Fixing the Bruins' salary cap mess. They need to move somebody to re-sign their restricted free agents. By Adam Gretz. Share this ...
New Deal Ends 2012-13 NHL Lockout - About.com
Jan 6, 2013 ... January 6/13 - Details of the agreement between the NHL and NHL ... 3) The year one salary cap is $70.2 million, with a floor of $44 million.
NHL Lockouts and Strikes: A History - About.com
NHL owners demanded an inflexible cap on player salaries, claiming that player costs drained up to 75% of team revenues. The NHLPA disputed that figure.
Key Points in the NHL Collective Agreement - About.com
Jul 29, 2005 ... Here's a look at the NHL salary cap, new free agency rules and other key points in the new collective agreement signed in July of 2005. or ...
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