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NHL Salary Cap 2013 Explanation - the NHL, the - About.com
How the NHL salary cap works according to rules set by the 2013 collective agreement.
The NHL Salary Cap from 2005 to 2012 - the NHL, the - About.com
Here's how the NHL salary cap worked during the 2005-2012 collective agreement.
The NHL Salary Cap - Trades, Contract Buyouts and Escrow
Further details of the NHL salary cap as negotiated under the 2013 collective agreement, including how teams can retain salary in player trades.
NHL Salary Cap: How much should teams commit to their star ...
The NHL salary cap may limit the amount of money teams can spend on players, but the teams that are willing -- and able -- to spend to the limits of the cap have ...
What is the 2014-15 NHL salary cap? - the NHL, the - About.com
Just hours before the NHL draft, and less than a week before the start of free agency, the NHL announced that the salary cap for the 2014-15 season will be set ...
NHL Lockout Basics - Would an NHL Salary Cap Result in a More ...
Question: Would a salary cap result in a more competitive National Hockey League? Update: The NHL lockout ended in July, with a six-year collective ...
NHL Lockouts and Strikes: A History - the NHL, the - About.com
NHL owners demanded an inflexible cap on player salaries, claiming that player costs drained up to 75% of team revenues. The NHLPA disputed that figure.
New Deal Ends 2012-13 NHL Lockout - the NHL, the - About.com
Jan 6, 2013 ... January 6/13 - Details of the agreement between the NHL and NHL ... 3) The year one salary cap is $70.2 million, with a floor of $44 million.
NHL Lockout Basics - Besides players' salaries, what are the other ...
The Rookie Salary Cap - The current cap on rookie salaries is toothless, because teams can offer lucrative performance bonuses on top of the maximum salary.
Highlights of the 2005 NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement
The salary cap was set at $39 million per team for 2005-06 NHL season, the first season played under the deal. By the 2011-12 season the salary cap was $64.3  ...
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