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Quick Look at Ice Hockey History and NHL History - About.com
A quick look at ice hockey history and NHL history, from the first game to the first player's strike to the 2004 NHL lockout.
Hockey History and Research - exploring the evolution of hockey ...
From Cyclone Taylor to Ilya Kovalchuk: Hockey history and traditions, statistical research, the evolution of the game and key dates in NHL and hockey history.
A Century of Women's Hockey History - NHL - About.com
A brief look at the rich heritage and current boom in women's hockey and girl's hockey. They are taking to ... A brief history of women and girls on ice. By Jamie ...
The History of Ice Hockey - Inventors - About.com
The modern game of ice hockey was first played in Montreal in 1875 according to rules devised by J G A Creighton, a McGill student.
History of Fighting in the NHL - Hockey Rules - About.com
A history of hockey fights and how fighting became an accepted part of the NHL game.
Hockey History - FAQs and Trivia - NHL - About.com
Why are the Montreal Canadiens called the Habs? Who was hockey's first million -dollar man? And other history questions hockey fans need answered.
Olympic Hockey History in Brief - A Timeline - NHL - About.com
A quick look at the history of Olympic hockey, from the first Olympic hockey tournament in 1920 to Canada's golden anniversary win in 2002 and beyond.
Photos from Olympic Hockey History - NHL - About.com
A selection of photos from Olympic hockey history, dating back to the 1928 Winter Olympics in Switzerland.
Olympic Hockey History - Medal Winners and Milestones
Olympic hockey history in brief, from its debut at the 1920 Olympics up to the current day, with all medal winner sincluded.
Understanding Hockey - The Rules, Basics, and History
All the resources and info you need to explore the history, rules, customs and stories ... The rules, the basics, the history and the business of hockey and the NHL.
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