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The 2002 Stanley Cup Playoffs

06/14/02 - The 2002 Stanley Cup Playoff All Stars
Top players, bargains and busts of the NHL's championship tournament.

06/13/02 - 2002 Red Wings Versus Hurricanes: Game by Game
The story of a Detroit championship. Capsule analysis of every game of the 2002 Stanley Cup final.

06/09/02 - Reality TV at its Best
Why Stanley Cup hockey is the greatest spectacle in sports.

06/01/02 - 2002 Stanley Cup Finals: Hurricanes Emerge From the Basement
Does Carolina have a chance against hockey's version of the Yankees?

05/31/02 - Game Seven Diary: Avalanche Meltdown!
Patrick Roy and the defending Stanley Cup champs self-destruct in Detroit.

05/24/02 - The NHL's Covert Superstar
Hockey's most underrated player has waited a long time for the Carolina Hurricanes' breakthrough.

05/17/02 - Stanley Cup 2002: Red Army on a Roll
Sizing up the conference finals. Can anyone beat the Red Wings?

05/16/02 - Stanley Cup 2002: Reviewing the Second Round
Memorable triumphs, ruinous defeats, unlikely survivors and champions-in-waiting.

05/07/02 - Life in Hockey's Fishbowl
Every save and every shot is a big story at Stanley Cup playoff time. Soap operas and mini-dramas abound.

05/07/02 - Rejecting the Razor
A Stanley Cup tradition continues: Ranking the top five playoff beards of 2002.

05/01/02 - Stanley Cup 2002: The Mystery and Intrigue of the Second Round
The dark horses are in the East. The big dogs are in the West.

04/30/02 - The Best and Worst of the Opening Round
From best goal to worst excuse to dirtiest series.

04/28/02 - Three Games for McLaren. Enough?
The NHL needs to re-think its approach to penalties, suspensions and player safety.

04/26/02 - Kyle McLaren: Thug or Typical NHL Player?
His hit on Richard Zednik was a product of the culture of the NHL.

04/14/02 - What To Watch For
Six keys to survival in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

03/16/02 - Stanley Cup 2002: Up for Grabs
Previews, predictions and subplots in the opening round of the NHL playoffs.

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