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2003 Hockey Quotes of the Year

They did plenty of talking in '03. Here are the year's best hockey quotes.


"I'm going through the neutral zone and I've got a guy tugging me through the whole way, if I don't go down, I'm not going to get a call."
  • Mighty Duck (at that time) Paul Kariya.

    "Guys like him ruin it for everybody else. It's just embarrassing. Or maybe he's not embarrassed because he probably believes he's not doing it-that's how liars are."

  • Red Wing Chris Chelios on Kariya's remarks.

    "He should be worried about playing the game, not innovating it. He thinks he's Brett Hull or something. You should remind him that he didn't go to college. He's a junior (hockey) guy. So he's not that bright."

  • Garth Snow, Islanders’ goalie and university graduate, after hearing Jeremy Roenick’s complaints about the officiating in a Flyers-Islanders game.

    "It's not my fault (Snow) didn't have any other options coming out of high school. If going to college gets you a career backup goaltender job, and my route gets you a thousand points and a thousand games, and compare the two contracts, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose decision was better."

  • Roenick, Flyers’ center and graduate of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, responds.

    "I was surprised by how easy it came out. It was one of those tear-away tongues. Kevin [Lowe, the Edmonton GM] said I should have tucked it into the breast pocket of my jacket. Like an ascot."

  • Oilers' coach Craig MacTavish, after ripping the tongue from the head of Flames' mascot Harvey the Hound.

    "(Harvey) was in a place he shouldn't have been."

  • Flames' spokesman Peter Hanlon, who has presumably advised the hound to avoid players' benches.

    "One was on the ice and we put that one back in. Another was up my nose and they had to pull it down."

  • Flyers' forward Sami Kapanen recalls how his front teeth were salvaged after being knocked out five years ago.

    "Hey, NY Islanders, where were you the night we played the Rangers? We, your loyal fans showed up! We braved freezing weather and came out looking for a great game. We came out to support you. Where was the energy, the excitement, the electricity, the intensity? Come on now... we deserve a better effort. It's a tough road ahead. Your fans are behind you... play with passion!!! Let's Go Islanders! Signed,A Loyal Fan of the Team."

  • Text from a full-page ad in the January 24th edition of New York Newsday. Larry Weinberger, an Islanders’ season ticket holder, paid $28,000 for the ad after watching his team lose 5-0 to the Rangers.

    "I was not very moody. I just do my job and answer [reporters'] questions. I think they never took the chance to get to know me. They say I didn't show up some nights, but how can you say every athlete plays the same all the time? It's not up to me. For the month of January, I didn't play [as many minutes of] hockey at all, until I spoke out, not to the coaches but to the papers. Afterward, they said I was moody. I said, `What can you do on the bench?' Should I be happy on the bench? Sometimes you have to explain things."

  • Sergei Fedorov, at the conclusion of his final season as a Red Wing.

    "I just don't know what to think. I play in Colorado, they tell me they like me, and I get traded. I play in Calgary, and at the end of the season the GM tells me he likes me, and I get traded. I just hope my fiancee doesn't tell me she likes me."

  • Chris Drury, after a July trade from Calgary to Buffalo.

    "I remember what Ron Greschner said when he retired. 'The thing I'm going to miss most is showering with 23 guys.' And that's what it's all about: camaraderie."

  • Rangers' goalie Mike Richter, about six months before announcing his retirement.

    "I used the N-word instead of calling him Trevor. I used it just not thinking... I told Trev this is an old wound with me. I grew up with it. I am sorry as anybody that it stuck with me."

  • John Vanbiesbrouck, announcing his resignation as coach and general manager of the Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds. Team captain Trevor Daley left the team after hearing of Vanbiesbrouck’s comments from other players.

    "People ask, 'Why don't more minorities play hockey?' Well, what are you going to play for? Are you going to play just to get substandard treatment or be treated foolishly or unfairly?"

  • Hurricanes' goaltender Kevin Weekes, a former team mate of Vanbiesbrouck’s.

    "Not even in Canada have I seen anything like this. And their coach is going to be the next national team coach. If this is the future of ice hockey, I advise everyone to stop playing."

  • IFK Helsinki coach Alpo Suhonen after a Finnish League game against rival Jokerit, which Suhonen called the dirtiest game he’s ever coached.

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