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Top 10 Hockey Books for the New Fan


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Hockey Book Cover: Total Hockey
Total Hockey II
For anyone new to the game, these hockey books explain rules, fundamentals and customs, celebrate hockey history and provide plenty of tips and essential knowledge for fans and players.

1) Total Hockey II

The NHL's official encyclopedia is the ultimate hockey book, as close to a bible as you are going to find. Almost 2000 pages of stats, stories, essays and biographies touch on every level of the game. Includes a glossary, explains the fundamentals and provides statistics for practically every player who ever appeared in the NHL. This is the latest edition, published in 2000.
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2) Century of Hockey: A Season-by-Season Celebration

Compiled by the Hockey News, this is a good survey of the 20th Century, anecdotal and easy to browse. Includes "argument starters" like the All-World Team, the All-Modern Era Team and a list of the game's most influential players.
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3) Hockey Rules! : The Official, Illustrated Kids' Guide

Rules, fundamentals, regulations and referee's signals made simple and fun.
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4) Brian McFarlane's History of Hockey

McFarlane, the veteran author and broadcaster, is among the most prolofic writers of hockey books. Although somewhat dated (published in 1997) this book remains a good primer on hockey's origins and evolution and the history of the NHL.
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5) Hockey for Dummies

A wide-ranging introduction in the familiar "For Dummies" format. This book touches on essential info for both fans and players, ranging from how to watch hockey on television to how to find the right equipment. Easy to read, with plenty of trivia, anecdotes and top-ten lists.
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6) The Spirit of the Game

The best hockey books include plenty of great photos. The subtitle of this one, "Exceptional Photographs from the Hockey Hall of Fame," is accurate. A survey of great archival images, including sections on women's hockey and international, semipro and amateur play.
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7) Official Rules of the NHL

The NHL rule book. It's a little dry, but a handy reference when confusion reigns. You may want to wait for a new edition, but the differences from year to year are usually minor.
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8) She Shoots, She Scores

Women and girls have been chasing pucks for over a century. This book explores that history while also providing lots of useful "how to" information for young players. Published in 1998, it's in need of an update.
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9) Original Six : True Stories from Hockey's Classic Era

"In a few weeks I would be dead at 30. But I had won the Stanley Cup in overtime. Would the losing goalie have traded places with me? I believe he would have." Six writers let their imaginations loose on six true stories. Recommended to anyone who enjoys a good read.
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10) Hockey Compendium: NHL Facts, Stats and Stories

The focus is on statistical analysis. But don't be put off by dry chapter titles like "Devastation Scale" and "Team Degeneration." Authors Jeff Z. Klein and Karl-Eric Reif fill the book with anecdote and refreshingly incisive opinion. Feel free to violently disagree with them. That's half the fun.
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