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NHL Trade Ledger

A checklist of NHL trades from the All Star break to the 2004 deadline.


For the latest trade news, check the Deadline Day page.

March 8 -

To Colorado: Forward Mathew Barnaby and a 2004 3rd-round draft pick.
To New York Rangers: Defenseman Chris McAllister, defenseman David Liffiton and 2004 2nd-round draft pick.

  • Barnaby is good defensively, scores some and has that special talent for enraging opponents. The Avalanche, having had their butts kicked in several games recently, are looking to stoke the fire in the belly.
  • Liffiton is a respectable prospect, a potential step in the Rangers’ long road back. McAllister helps replace all the NHL experience the team is trading away.

    To Los Angeles: Right winger Anson Carter.
    To Washington: Center Jared Aulin.

  • Carter is fast, smart, has a good shot. He doesn't always use those tools, so he's joining his fourth team in 12 months. The Kings and coach Andy Murray might be a good fit. A great pick-up for a team needing goals.
  • Aulin will soon be 22, and has missed the season with a shoulder injury. In a couple of years he could be an above-average playmaking center. A quality addition to the Caps' young-and cheap movement.

    To Philadelphia: Defenseman Vladimir Malakhov.
    To New York Rangers: Center Rick Kozak and a 2005 2nd-round draft pick.

  • On Saturday, the Flyers used three AHL players and forward Sami Kapanen on defense. Now they add a talented but erratic sort who impressed nobody in New York. At worst, he's a stop-gap until everyone else is healthy. At best? He can significantly improve a team if he's interested. That's a big if.
  • For a 35-year-old who hasn't played well and is a free agent this summer, the Rangers did quite well to get a marginal prospect and a high pick.

    To Dallas: Defenseman Chris Therien.
    To Philadelphia: A 2004 8th-round draft pick and a 2005 3rd-round draft pick.

  • Expecting several injured defensemen back soon, Philadelphia opens a roster spot for Malakhov by dealing Therien, a slower, stay-at-home type. GM Bob Clarke, who often trades picks for immediate help, uses deals like this to reinforce his draft position.
  • Therien is no top-four defenseman. But he can help a team that lacks toughness since Derian Hatcher walked.

    To Calgary: Forward Marcus Nilson.
    To Florida: A 2004 2nd-round draft pick.

  • Nilson is a 30-point winger who can stifle opponents, and Calgary also gets a little bigger. A second-round pick is probably fair value.

    To Buffalo: Defenseman Brad Brown and a 2005 6th-round draft pick.
    To Minnesota: A 2005 a 4th-round draft pick.

  • Brown is a big, wide body for the Sabres' blue line, but was not playing regularly for the Wild. Minnesota is positioning itself for the next couple of drafts.

    To New York Islanders: Right winger Steve Webb.
    To Pittsburgh: Defenseman Alain Nasreddine.

  • Webb was an agitator/bruiser for the Islanders until last summer. In re-acquiring him, perhaps they anticipate a bloody playoff showdown with someone. Nasreddine is a minor leaguer.

    March 6 -

    To Calgary: Left winger Chris Simon and a 2004 7th-round draft pick.
    To New York Rangers: Center Blair Betts, goaltender Jamie McLennan, and forward Greg Moore.

  • Simon once had a 29-goal season, but that was four years ago. He's big, and should help on the forecheck. Five goals in his last six games suggest a possible rebirth of the scoring touch. It's a lot of bodies to give up for a guy who's a free agent this summer, but if Simon pounds opponents off the puck and chips in a few goals between now and then, it's a good deal.
  • Betts looked like a legitimate third-line center before a shoulder injury ended his season. McLennan is a decent backup goalie. If Moore turns into an NHL player, this might be a steal for the Rangers.

    March 5 -

    To Nashville: Center Sergei Zholtok and defenseman Brad Bombardir.
    To Minnesota: A 2004 3rd-round draft pick and 2004 4th-round draft pick.

  • The Predators, almost certain of a playoff spot, pick up a couple of typical deadline-deal players: a center who can score a few and a defenseman who can fill some minutes without doing any harm. Both played well in last year's playoffs. Both are free agents this summer, so the price was right.
  • The Wild, despite last year's great playoff run, are still a work in progress. With the playoffs out of reach, it's time to move veterans and hand more ice time to the Wild-ers (or whatever you call them) of the future.

    To New Jersey: Center Jan Hrdina.
    To Phoenix: Forward Mike Rupp.

  • New Jersey adds another unspectacular but solid centerman. Hrdina is no game-breaker, but he's versatile - taking faceoffs, killing penalties and the like. Playoff hopes could rest on how well Hrdina and Viktor Kozlov adapt to Devils' hockey.
  • Young, big and cheap, Rupp is a good fit for a rebuilding team. He could turn into a solid power forward.

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